Earth using Payair Mobil Application

It all begun in 2009 when the founders of Payair Technologies identified an opportunity in the market for scalable digital products for banks and financial institutions to stay relevant for tomorrow’s needs in the fast paced fintech industry.

We started off by developing the Payair application, which allowed consumers to complete their purchase within seconds, shopping directly with their mobile phone both online and in stores. Businesses accepting payments by Payair benefited from simplified, faster transactions and could also increase sales from spontaneous purchase decisions.

Additionally, we built our own PSP and got PCI DSS certified. The Payair app laid the foundation for further development where we now offer a wide range of digital payment solutions.

Today, Payair is an important driver across the Nordics and Europe as well as an industry leading provider of digital payment services. In short, we work in partnership with the payment card schemes to assist banks and financial institutions to build and implement smart and innovative digital payment solutions. We have been a partner to Mastercard since 2015 and are currently top-ranked on their global “Digital vendors” list, which we have been since the inception of the list.

Our vision is outsourced innovation, where banks and financial institutions don’t have to build and host their own technical platforms. Instead we provide value by making the products easy to integrate and adapt to the local market for the best possible customer journey.

But we don’t stop there. We are an agile company who is constantly evolving and strive to offer our partners the best products and services, for the consumers to enjoy fast and easy to use digital payments solutions making their lives easier. We always have our ear to the ground to hear what’s next.

“Payair is driven by finding the best digital payments solutions for banks and financial institutions to offer their customers easy and safe ways to pay. With our experienced team and deep knowledge within the fintech industry, we can be your partner for the future”, says Sören Babra, CEO Payair Technologies.

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