E-commerce Wallets SDK

Say hello to ‘E-commerce Wallets SDK’, our product aimed at Payment Service Providers (PSPs) that extends payment options with digital wallets:

  • google pay
  • apple pay
  • click to pay
  • samsung pay

Light and lean E-commerce Wallets SDK from Payair will significantly improve your time-to-market when compared to doing the integrations on your own. How? Because we provide one unified API for each of the wallets the cost of integrating more then one wallet drops and you can rollout x-pays in no time!

We are proud to inform Swedbank Pay, our first large customer is already offering Apple Pay and Click to Pay and enables fast and secure checkout to cardholders.


  • significantly decrease time and cost of digital wallet rollout


  • determines if wallet supported on users device

  • supports Google Pay, Apple Pay, Click to Pay, Samsung Pay