Payair starts offering eCommerce Wallet SDK

We are pleased to announce that our portfolio of products has just gotten bigger. Until now our products helped Issuers but we are expanding our portfolio with solutions dedicated to Acquirers as well – eCommerce Wallet SDK.

What is our newest product? 

First, let us share with you some facts:

  • Here at Payair we know how difficult and time-consuming payment integrations can be. We already have products that are helping issuers roll out mobile wallets (like Apple Pay or Google Pay) in no time;
  • COVID-19 has been a catalyst for disruption and change in payment behaviors. The pandemic has strengthened e-commerce and digital payments
  • On the e-commerce side: digital wallets are a strong #1. In 2020 they were accounting for almost 45% of the global e-commerce transaction volume – see chart below:
source: Global Payments Report 2021 by Worldpay

So what have we built?

We have created an e-Commerce Wallet SDK dedicated to PSPs and Acquirers that want to quickly offer digital wallets to their customers – i.e. the merchants. Instead of integrating each digital wallet separately, you can simply use our SDK that covers everything. Our SDK covers all popular e-commerce wallets: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Click to Pay.