Contactless SDK

Digital payments are here to stay. Consumers abandon cash and are increasingly turning to new technologies for e-commerce and in-shop payments. Carrying a card is slowly becoming a thing of the past while mobile phones are becoming the most convenient and secure devices to pay thanks to prevalent NFC technology.

Payair’s Contactless SDK allows the Bank to issue and digitize cards directly to an Android mobile app and enables contactless payments.

Any existing banking app, that a user is already familiar with, is enriched with secure and convenient NFC payments.

Your end-users’ card data is tokenized and therfore the merchant will never receive the card data, only the token, which significantly reduces the risk of fraud.


  • Payair offers pre-certified SDK solution which is easy to integrate to any banking application. Visual identity and branding is maintained with an addition of Payair’s technology to back up the digitization, NFC payment and security aspects.
  • Our experienced team provides guidance through integration process and support successful implementation of our product.


  • Enables NFC contactless payments on Android devices in any banking application.
  • Pre-certified secure solution.
  • Provides Mastercard MDES integration which enables digitization of Mastercard issued cards.
  • Fully customizable UI that allows flexibility and conformity with your own branding guidelines.
  • Allows manual card entry, scanning and card tokenization directly from the banking application.
  • Can be provided as an SDK or a standalone white-label app.