Token Connect

With Token Connect products from Payair, Banks can enrich their mobile applications with the possibility to push provision cards to digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay using a single click in the banking app. Cardholders do not have to enter their card data manually into their digital wallets or e-commerce merchant systems.

There is no need to use multiple external wallet applications for push provisioning, 
 your customers can finally push cards conveniently from their trusted banking application.


  • Simplify enrollment with push provisioning directly from banking app.
  • Improve security, approval rates and user experience for your customers. Give them full control and overview of where their cards are stored.
  • Token Connect SDK seamlessly extends any Bank’s Card Management System using the existing infrastructure.


  • Managing where to push digital cards (tokens) within a banking app.
  • Pushing cards to digital wallets (e.g. Google, Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, Click to Pay).
  • Pushing cards to e-commerce merchants such as Netflix, Amazon, Ikea.
  • Easy to integrate into the existing banking app.
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Web.