Make the banking app the control panel to manage cards with different merchants, wallets and devices by giving the control of the tokens back to the end user.

The solution is delivered as a mobile SDK for Android and iOS which can be easily implemented in Banking app. Cardholders can manage how, when and where tokens are used – across merchants, devices and digital wallets.

In addition, we offer simplified enrolment to OEM Pays with pushing cards from Banking app.


  • Push tokens from Banking app via Payair’s push-provisioning API to wallets and merchants with specific SDKs for:
    • Apple Pay
    • Google Pay
    • Samsung Pay
    • MDES Token Connect – Merchants, Fitbit, Garmin and Click to Pay
  • View tokens
    • See a list of where you have stored your cards at different wallets and merchants including merchant logos.
  • Manage tokens
    • Able to suspend, resume and delete tokens from Banking app.
  • Payair also manages regular maintenance to stay updated and compliant.


  • Gives total control over a user’s tokens to end user and knowledge where they have stored their cards with multiple online merchants or in wallets.
  • Quick and easy onboarding from Banking app enabling better user experience.
  • Payair handles the complexity and makes it easy for Banks to implement the project.