Build your own payment app, keep the relationship with the cardholders and customize it to fit the customer’s needs.

We offer an Android HCE SDK for banks to easily implement mobile contactless functionality into a bank’s standalone payment app or into an existing banking app. With this banks and financial institutions can build their own payment app and keep the relationship with the cardholders themselves. In addition, you can customize this to fit your customers need and cross-sell other bank products.  


  • MCBP MPA CCS * certified HCE SDK.
  • Automatic provisioning and digitization of user’s credit and debit cards (requires backend integration with Payair’s provisioning API).
  • Optional Masterpass support.
  • Highly customizable UI with replaceable fonts, colors and images.
  • Pre-defined end user-flows for quick and easy implementation.
  • Available Demo app.
  • Plug and play – Use in your existing app.
  • Admin Tool for bank employees to manage tokens.


  • Pre-certified HCE core: Create a brand new HCE payment app without the need for a full HCE certification process.
  • Plug and play: Enhance your existing banking app with HCE functionality.
  • Quick development: Create multiple HCE apps for different brands and markets.
  • Freedom: Fully customizable UI so that you can conform to your existing branding guidelines.

*   “Mastercard Cloud-Based Payments Mobile Payment Application Approval Process Component Conformity Statement.”