Merchant Tokenization

Merchants increasingly encourage consumers to store their card details making payments a seamless part of their shopping experience. The MDES (Mastercard Digital Enablement Services) for Merchants (M4M) program enables merchants to digitize consumer’s account PANs stored on their servers, replacing them with tokens that can be used for digital payment transactions. In result the e-commerce transaction process is easy and reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions.


  • Tokenize all cards within your e-commerce system with a single click. Improve security and reduce the fraud risk since cards are automatically updated if expired or lost. Fast and easy checkout at online merchants using tokenized card details. Increase approval rates.
  • Payair offers expertise and a seamless way for Issuing Bank to integrate with M4M.


  • Replaces card-on-file with tokens.
  • Reduces fraud.
  • Merchant specific authentication.
  • Integrates with MDES to facilitate the card digitization step.
  • Gives a merchant an easy way to control tokens.