Fitbit Pay

Fitbit is a company best known for its fitness trackers and smartwatches, some of which offer a service called Fitbit Pay which allows to make payments directly from WearOS smartwatches.

Once a card is added to Fitbit Pay wallet, the application can be launched on any compatible Fitbit device for contactless checkout.

No wallet? No phone? No problem.


  • Significantly decrease time to market with Fitbit Pay and reduce development and maintenance costs of the integration.
  • Partner up with a specialist who already has experience in seamless integration of many xPays across the globe.


  • ‘Fitbit Pay’ is the product for adding cards to Fitbit devices. It uses predigitization and supports Mastercard cards.
  • Push provisioning is provided in the Token Connect product.
  • An industry-standard tokenization is used to help keep each transaction private.