Admin Tool

A wide range of products offered by Payair to card Issuers is focused on providing or enabling tokenization of payment cards. Issuers face a challenge to control and manage ever increasing number of tokens on behalf of their customers. There will inevitably be situations where an Issuer has to suspend a cardholder’s token after a device theft or remove a certain token completely to mention a few examples.

To help with token management Payair offers a back-office solution – Admin Tool. In the Admin Tool the Bank’s customer service personnel can take full control of tokens, search them quickly, check parameters and change their state.


  • Admin Tool is designed with excellent user experience and will help to increase efficiency of Customer Service.
  • By providing real-time data it helps making smarter business decisions on Issuer’s tokenization products.


  • Token lifecycle management is important for Banks who already have token related products e.g. Pre-digitization, Contactless SDK, Token Connect. It allows to search, view and change token states.
  • Business intelligence statistics is the feature aimed at Customers’ analytics. It allows to review the performance of Payair’s products. Real-time data is shown on multiple visualizations, graphs and tables where token APIs usage can be tracked. Altogether, it helps to identify performance bottle necks leveraging sales organization in their decision making.